Certified Practitioner in Project Management

Your CPPM credential certifies


in Project Management

The Excellenter Institute has developed an exemplary certification model to validate both knowledge and skills in Project Management Best Practices.

This model is based on internationally recognized standards and frameworks and requires accredited educational institutions to ensure certification courses convey more than just theoretical knowledge of abstract models. The core of the CPPM certification lies in developing and demonstrating the practical application of theoretical knowledge through action-oriented learning using case studies and simulations.


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Unlike other certifications, CPPM candidates must not only undergo rigorous training, acquire knowledge, solve exercises, and pass a final exam, but they must also demonstrate their skills by achieving project results, collaboratively solving a multifaceted case study, and managing a project using an advanced, computer-based project management simulator.

For a group certification within a company, the case study can be tailored to address a real-world company issue.

Outcomes and benefits of the CPPM Certification


For individuals: better opportunities for attractive positions

Outcome: regardless of your career stage, the certification CPPM, Certified Practitioner in Project Management, is an asset that will distinguish you in the job market and enhance your credibility and effectiveness working on — or with — project teams.

Benefits: better career opportunities and higher income.


For organizations: higher effectiveness and efficiency

Outcome: the knowledge gained by CPPM certified professionals enables them to manage the projects in much more efficient, robust, and smart manner when compared with their counterparts who are not CPPM certified.

Benefits: CPPM professionals save a lot of time and costs and deliver higher quality by efficient project management.

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