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purpose and outcome

The Excellenter’s way

The purpose of our work is to help organizations measure their capabilities in key management areas, certifying good business practices when the corresponding international standards are satisfied.

The outcome is the distinction from the crowd demonstrating commitment to excellence.

We can work with your team at two levels:

At a strategy level: governance, strategy, innovation, knowledge management, organizational change, portfolio management.

At a tactical level: Program and project management, project management office, business process management, quality systems.


What we can do for you

It is important to assess and adapt your business processes to ensure they are as effective and efficient as they can be. 

Evaluation helps you identify areas for improvement and ultimately help you realize your goals more efficiently.

Certification allows you to demonstrate those improved capabilities.

cerfified practitioner in project management - CPPM

We will assess your knowledge and skills to apply  internationally leading PM Frameworks. If passed we will certify you as Certified Practitioner in Project Management, CPPM.


organizational project management system certification - OPMS

We will assess and, if passed, certify the maturity of your organizational project management, including a holistic review of the environment of projects.


assessment of Project management knowledge and skills

Our instruments will help determine the level of knowledge of best project management practices of a person as well as her/his skills, i.e. her/his ability to apply this knowledge to the management of projects.


on demand assessments and certifications

We master the process of assessing the application of good business practices. We can build an assessment on demand based on internationnally recognized standards and, if passed, certify your organization.



Move toward

business excellence

Business Excellence is often described as outstanding practices in managing the organisation and achieving results, all based on a set of fundamental concepts or values.

These practices have evolved into models for how a world class organisation should operate. These models have been developed and continue to evolve through extensive study of the practice and values of the world’s highest performing organisations.

The Excellenter institute masters many of those models and adapts them to particular situations so as to use them as frameworks to assess performance of organisations and certify compliance when appropriate.

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